The following books offer additional reading resources for WPAs and Composition Instructors wishing to learn more about disability studies and/or a disability perspective in the composition classroom.

Disability and the Teaching of WritingGreen and Black Cover of the book, Disability and the Teaching of Writing. Clickable link to book purchase site. by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson and Brenda Jo Brueggman is an edited collection, featuring multiple disabled perspectives on the teaching of writing. While this text does not engage the topic of multimodal composition specifically, it will be useful to WPAs and Composition Instructors, who seek to understand how disability affects and informs the writing process, how to approach teaching disability studies concepts, and how to train teachers to consider disability issues in the composition classroom.


Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability by Ami Hamraie is a monograph, which combines multiple perspectives for creating access for disabled populations, using the principles of universal design. Although this text does not stem from the field of Composition Studies, WPAs and composition instructors will find it useful for engaging a disability studies perspectives. Moreover, the chapter “Entangled Principles: Crafting a Universal Design Methodology” will be particularly useful for considering how to make the physical space of the Composition classroom accessible.


The Question of Access: Disability, Space, Meaning by Tanya Titchkosky is a monograph, which considers disability within the space of the university. Although it is not written with a WPA or composition studies audience in mind, it provides a thoughtful meditation about the impact politics, law, and education has on renderings of access (or inaccessibility) at the post-secondary level. As such, this will be useful to WPAs and composition instructors for unveiling the ableist assumptions embedded within their program and pedagogies; it will also be useful for creating an inclusive and accessible program and pedagogy.